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I have quite a few plans for this car, but so far its only a list of parts I want, so I will include that below.

 - Lower Control Arms (Blackworks Racing)
 - Rear Subframe Brace (A-Spec Racing)
 - Tie Bar (Beaks)
 - Coilovers (Function & Form Type 2's)
 - Polyurethane Bushings
 - Camber Links

 - BBS RS / RM 
 - 4x100 Bolt Pattern
 - 15x7 with Staggered Fitment
 - Black Faces
 - Polished Lips
 - Golden Wheel Bolts

 - White Paint

 - B18C1 (GS-R) Swap
 - FEEL'S Exhaust
 - PWJDM Carbon Fiber Intake
 - Custom Test Pipe
 - Intake Manifold
 - Fuel Rail (AEM)
 - Headers (Hytech PLM Rep)
 - Painted Valve Cover
 - Wire Tuck
 - Hasport Engine Mounts

There are lots more modifications / plans but it would take forever to write them all, thats just a few you all. 

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