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Monday, October 21, 2013

A Little Taste Of Japan.

About a month ago i found a unreal deal on a FEEL's exhaust system. To buy one of these brand new is super pricey. This exhaust system is top quality all the way from japan, youll find these on 94-01 Integra Type R, or any Integra manufactured in Japan, which makes this a very rare item. I'd say im the only one in manitoba with one of these but i dont know forsure (its safe to say). I found it for sale on a facebook group i use that sells alot of parts for the model of civic i have. I wont say how much i paid because i may want to sell it again later down the road (probably not), this thing sounds unbelievable. Exhaust systems add power and also make your car sound a lot better, especially this one.

(FEEL's Exhaust System)

This is a picture of it on the day i got it, its only covered up so nothing gets in it. Anxious to get it on and figure out how it sounds, we encountered a problem. The length of the system is too long for the stock catalytic converter (A1), so we had to make up a custom pipe called a test pipe, a stock catalytic converter has a lot of air restrictions which in returns takes away potential horsepower. So the only other option was to make a "test-pipe", a straight through stainless pipe that makes your car sound better and gives you a significant increase in power (A2). You can buy these on Ebay or in stores for your car but it would be just as long as the catalytic converter unless you get a adjustable one. We had to cut off the flanges on the catalytic converter, get the dimensions of how long the test pipe would have to be, weld on the flanges to the test pipe and put it on. Here are a few pictures for reference. 

Stock Catalytic Converter (A1)
Test Pipe After Weld (A2)
Test Pipe Finished (A2)
As you can see the new pipe is straight through, making exhaust flow alot smoother. Also making this illegal, but i wont worry about it because who is going to go out of their way to check under my car if i have a cat or not. Here is a picture of the exhaust all hooked up, the pipe size is also is more than 2x bigger in diameter!

(Exhaust Finished)

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  1. Great post, Kevin. Customization of anything always involves a willingness to improvise, and clearly you improvised a solution.