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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New B18 vs. Old D15

This post will solely be about the differences between my new engine, a B18C1, and my old engine, a D15B7. I am going to shorten B18C1 into GSR because it will make it easier. Some information about the engine codes are the 2nd and 3rd number are how much displacement the engine makes, for example, the GSR is a 1.8 liter while the D15 is a 1.5, so for one, the GSR is a bigger motor.

 Another big factor is the GSR is a DOHC and the B15 is a SOHC, these stand for "Dual Over-head Cam" and "Single Over-head Cam". Your camshaft or cam is what opens up your intake and exhaust valves, in a four cylinder engine, there are 16 valves, 4 per cylinder. If you had a DOHC engine, you would have one camshaft specifically for opening exhaust valves, and one for specifically opening intake valves. Below i included a picture of two GSR camshafts for reference.

Youll notice there are bumps in sections of 3, these are called cam lobes. Some people will buy aftermarket camshafts from select brands that have bigger cam lobes which means more lift when opening the valves, the longer the valves are open the more that can get in/get out, making more power. 
The GSR engine makes around 170 horsepower and has Vtec, a system that engages when you hit a certain rpm while driving giving you the feel of an increase if power, it also sounds really cool. There is a lot more to it on the functional part of Vtec, so ill do a blog post down the road about how it all works, even though no one might care.

There are a lot of differences between these two engines but I am not going to get down to the specs of them because it would take alot of explanation. 


In regards to my car, the whole interior is almost stripped and gutted. I took the dash out yesterday and the only thing that remains to be took out is the windshield, windows, carpet and some stuff in the engine bay to be ready for sandblasting. The project is going along nicely, still have not encountered many problems along the way, so it makes it more fun for me.


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