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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Next Step : WireTuck

The next step to this project is a wire tuck. Like I explained in my last post, Its basically just hiding/tucking wires that would usually be loose in the engine bay and make it look more messy. I will do a little before and after once it is done but here is a picture so you know what it could look like. Below is a  picture of a engine bay without a wire tuck. This is also the car my engine came out of.
96' GS-R engine bay.

Besides the fact that it is really dirty, its also very cluttered. As much as I like my cars to be performable I really want it to be presentable more than anything. The picture below is an example of a wire tuck taken to the next level, this is tucking everything. I probably wont go that far because there is more important things to work on and I have to get the body work started soon the keep myself on track.
Tucked Engine Bay

I will keep on doing the "Quick Update" posts to keep everyone in the loop of what is going on, so far everything is on track and there has not been any major problems I have ran into.

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  1. The visuals are very helpful and effective, Kevin; keep them coming.

    Don't forget to add the Resources and Plan pages to your blog.